What We Do OFFERING A BETTER Choice for You

At UKA Transportation LLC, we specialize in providing our clients with comprehensive freight in Chicago, Illinois, cargo, and shipping solutions. With various services to provide our clients with options, we help them navigate logistics seamlessly, exceeding their expectations with every shipment. Your success is our priority.

Foreman control loading Containers box to truck

Road Transport

Trust us on the road with precision, delivering reliability and speed. Your cargo's journey, our commitment every mile of the way.

Black and white big rigs semi trucks with semi trailers loading cargo

Sea Freight

Seas of efficiency and waves of reliability, our sea freight solutions ensure your cargo sails smoothly, no matter the destination.

Happy workers are smiling and posing during work in a warehouse


We offer versatility in transport, whether full or less than. Our tailored solutions ensure your cargo reaches its destination with flexibility and efficiency.

Shipping Cargo Container.Trailer Truck Parked Loading Package Boxes at Dock Warehouse

Air Freight

Elevate your expectations with our air freight solutions. Swift and secure, we transport your cargo to new heights with speed and precision.

Logistics and transportation of Container Cargo ship and Cargo plane with working crane

Project Forwarding

Beyond logistics, we undertake projects with finesse. Forwarding with expertise, we turn complexities into opportunities for seamless project execution and delivery.

Container ship in export and import business and logistics

Specialized Transportation

Unique cargo demands unique solutions. Our specialized transportation services ensure your valuable or delicate cargo is handled with the care and expertise it deserves.

Two different classic industrial long haul diesel big rigs semi trucks tractors transporting commercial cargo


More than storage, it's about security and accessibility. Our warehousing services provide a reliable and organized space for your inventory, keeping it safe and accessible.

Aerial front view of a loaded container cargo vessel traveling over calm ocean

Final Mile Transportation

The last stretch matters. With our final mile transportation, we ensure your cargo reaches its destination with precision, reliability, and a focus on the final details.

container vessel during discharging at an industrial port

Supply Chain

Linking success in every chain, our supply chain solutions integrate seamlessly, optimizing efficiency and reliability throughout the entire process for your business.

Air freight and cargo plane loading trading goods

Drayage Services

Bridge the gap with efficiency. Our drayage services ensure the smooth transport of your cargo, connecting the dots with reliability and .