Intermodal Transportation Benefits You Must Know


Because of intermodal transportation’s various advantages, the freight sector continues to expand more slowly than it should, but many shippers continue to ignore it. UKA TRANSPORTATION LLC is a trusted provider of quality Shipping Services in Bolingbrook, Illinois, providing solutions to businesses requiring reliable shipping services.

The experts in our Freight in Illinois will go over the usual reasons why shippers kept moving their freight to intermodal on routes where it made sense. Then, we will go further into some lesser-known benefits for your convenience.

Most people know that Intermodal Freight Transport offers a less expensive truckload option. Intermodal is often superior to a 10% price increase when the freight line has favorable intermodal features. That makes shipping your goods more efficient.

Intermodal also offers a significant capacity for transport, especially on lines with high traffic. To increase cargo capacity, we encourage many to try this out. Shippers use lane augmentation as a tactic. If there are preferred shipping services, we also offer Sea Freight services.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further inquiries concerning intermodal or Air Freight. We’d be happy to participate in any discussions your team may have about possibly using intermodal transportation to meet your 53′ capacity needs. You may also schedule an appointment at your most convenient time.

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