Staying Safe for Cargo Drivers

Driving trucks is very different from driving around a car. Drivers from companies offering truck services or intermodal freight transport have to be very careful since they are exposed to many dangers on the road. To know more safety tips for truck drivers, check out this article. 

  • Always Check for Blind Spots

    Especially for truck drivers who carry loads of cargo, it may be hard to see all sides of your truck. Make sure to check for blind spots at all times so you know how close you should be to other cars or from road railings or sidewalks. Also, make sure to check your mirrors every eight to ten seconds to make sure you have a clear field for driving.

  • Know How the Distance You Have Left to Stop

    Trucks need at least two football-sized fields to be able to safely stop. Trucking companies need to ensure they hire drivers that have experience or the right qualifications so they know basic information like this. Or else, it will be very easy to get into an accident.

  • Make the Proper Wide Turns

    Unlike personal cars, if you check the trucks that a company specializing in freight in Illinois has, the size is very different. The trucks they have can be very long so making turns is not as simple. As a truck driver, make sure you get the right turning clearance before making a turn. 

Practicing these safety tips and following traffic, regulations is important for drivers to stay safe on the road. At UKA TRANSPORTATION LLC, we provide shipping services in Bolingbrook, Illinois, and have qualified and safe drivers to ensure your cargo arrives safely. 

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