The Advantages of Using Sea Freight Shipping


Sea freight in Illinois is a method of transporting large goods using carrier ships. The goods are packed into containers and loaded onto a vessel, with the typical cargo ship carrying around 18,000 containers, which makes it a cost-efficient way to transport high quantities over large distances.

As a reputable provider of intermodal freight transport services, we will discuss the advantages of using sea freight shipping:

  • Efficiency

    Regardless of size, a sea freight transportation provider can usually accommodate your shipments. Smaller shipments can be grouped together with other cargo to fill a container as well, to allow for cost-sharing of the transportation services. Meanwhile, larger cargo can fill up one or more containers to offer shippers unmatched bulk options.

  • Safety

    The ships used are designed to carry hazardous materials and cargo safely. The industry is also well-versed in handling such goods and has regulations in place to ensure the safety of the cargo, crew, and environment. The containers used are designed to be sealed and locked for extra security.

  • Cargo Capability

    Another major advantage of sea freight shipping is the ability to handle heavy, oversized, or bulky cargo. This type of cargo may include equipment, construction materials, larger vehicles, and more. Most shipping vessels are capable of accommodating and safely transporting large and bulky cargo.

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